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5 Dolphins elected to the pro bowl (12/14/00)

5 Dolphins were elected to the pro bowl. DEs Taylor and Armstrong along with CB Sam Madsion will start, although Armstrong doesn't start in Miami. He tops the league with 16.5 sacks. Larry Izzo will go as a special teamer and S Brock Marion will also play at safety

Dolphins in pro bowl
Trace Armstrong*DE34 tackles, 16.5 sacks
Jason Taylor*DE60 tackles, 13.5 sacks
Sam Madison*CB34 tackles, 5 INT
Brock MarionS85 tackles, 5 INT
Larry IzzoSpecial team4 Tackles

* Elected starter

Fiedler and Smith out, OJ doubtful (11/24/00)

Bad news for the Dolphins this week. Coach Wannstedt said there is a 90% chance that QB Damon Huard will start this week against Indianpolis. Fiedler hasn't practiced this week and he will probably not play. JJ Johnson will start and I think that RB Autry Denson will probably get extensive action. OJ McDuffie is also doubtful and he will probably be out as well. The only good news is that MLB is scheduled to play against the Colts.

Fiedler and Smith injured (11/21/00)

QB Jay Fiedler injured his shoulder on th first play of the the Jets game.His status is day to day. If Fiedler can not play against the Colts the Dolphins will have to go with Damon Huard. JJ Johnson will backup RB Lamar Smith, but Smith is more likely to be back for next week's game then Fiedler. LB Zach Thomas could be back next week, but his status will be determined next week.

Thurman Thomas out for season (11/13/00)

RB Thurman Thomas was injured in the last game. He was placed on injured reserve and he won't play again. Thomas said that he will consider retirement if the rehab period was long. JJ Johnson will probably take his place as a third down back. As a result of the injury RB Autry Denson will see more playing time as well.

Martin, Gardener out (9/14/00)

DT Darryl Gardener and WR Tony Martin are questionable for sunday and their chance of playing seem slim at best. They were both injured last week against the Vikings, although Martin played the entire game and caught six passes for 120 yards. Gardener started every game since he was drafted in 1996. His streak of 66 games will probably end Sunday night.

If Gardener can't play DE Kenny Mixon will move inside and play tackle while DE Rich Owens, last year's team sack leader, will start again at defensive end. Mixon is currently starting at DE ahead of Owens. With that change, team coaches think they have the best combination to defend the run and the pass. I wouldn't be surprised if in some situations they flip and let Owens rush from the inside just like last year. Reserve DT Jermaine Haley will enter the rotation at the defensive line with DEs Lorenzo Bromell, Jason Taylor and Trace Armstrong.

At the reciever position it could be even worst. The once heavily loaded with depth position has already lost its best 3 recievers ! The Dolphins will start with Gadsden on one side (originally the 4th WR on the depth chart) and Bert Emanuel on the other. The 3rd reciever will be Leslie Sheaperd who originally was suspect of making the roster... 3 week Dolphin, WR Ogden will also see action in the 4 reciever set, although I think coaches will be less willing to put the 4 WRs set in this situation. Martin's leg was put in a cast.

Marino says Huard should start (8/30/00)

Dan Marino has said in a chat room at that he thinks that Damon Huard should have been starting. Dan said with Huard winning 5 of 6 games last year and with Fielder's injury that held him out for almost the entire pre-season Huard should have been starting. Marino also said that the reason Huard was taking so many sacks is that, that's what he was told to do. Marino ruled out coaching or politics but said in the future he can see himself in a football program in some way.

Dolphins name Fielder the starter (8/26/00)

Coach Wannstedt has named Jay Fielder the starting QB. Fielder has seized the position despite playing only a couple of quarters last nigh agianst the Saints. He also threw 3 INTs in his appereance. It's funny that he threw 3 INTs and won the job, while last year Coach Johnson wanted to bench Marino after he threw 2 against the Bills (in the entire game...). This year throwing picks gets you a prize...
I think Wannstedt wanted to make that decision all along even before the game he thought Fielder has played better in training camp, that's just my feeling. The problem with Fielder is that he was injured and didn't practice much with the recievers, so that could cause timing problems between the QB and his WRs. Because it was a close call, it will probably be second guessed the moment Fielder throws an INT (not to mention if he throws 3...) and that could spell trouble. I don't think we have seen the last of Damon Huard, not by a long shot, remember the season is very long

On other news the team cut 9 players among them are WR Corey Thomas, RB Brian Edwards and the most suprising T Willie Jones, he even started when there were injuries and he looked like he was guaranteed a roster place. Well I guess nothing is guaranteed in the NFL.

Dolphins end pre season with a victory (8/25/00)

The dophins won the meaningless last pre season game yesterday. QB Jay Fielder looked good at times and it seemd as if he had the starting position. But, then he threw 3 INTs and another was called back because of a penalty (that had nothing to do with the throw). One of the INTs was returned 58 yards for a Saint TD. In short, he didn't play good enough to assure the spot and didn't play bad enough to reward the position to Damon Huard. Coach Wannstedt said he will make the final decision today. RB JJ Johnson also improved his case for the starting role after he gained 85 yard on 15 carries. RB Lamer Smith was held out of the game out of precaution. Newly signed TE Weaver and WR Ogden also caught passes. The cut deadline is scheduled for 4:00PM sunday. of the 4 remaining recievers Ogden, Corey Thomas, Baker and Savage, one will make the team and two will go to the practice squad (last 3 are eligible). Ben Kelly seemd to have locked the returner position.

JJJ NOT Suspended (8/25/00)

RB JJ Johnson will not be suspended, The NFL said that the reports of his suspension were untrue. Lamar Smith will probably still start the opener against Seattle.

Dolphins get by G.B, L.Thomas injured, JJ Suspended (8/22/00)

The Dolphins have managed to beat the Packers in their 3rd pre-season game, although the first team offense didn't score a TD again. Damon Huard's QB position is now in jeopardy because Fielder could play on Friday against the Saints. Huard was OK but he didn't lead the team in to the endzone for the third straight game. Lamar Smith all but secured is starting position, rushing for 86 yards on 15 carries. He did that with just over one half of play.

Now the important news. WR Lamar Thomas has been injured again, He could miss the entire season in one scenarion although reports are not clear on that. Thomas missed the entire 1999 season with an injury and he played real well up to now. Wannstedt said that if the season started today Thomad would have started. The other bad news is that reports say that RB J.J Johnson will be suspended for steroid use. He did appeal but his chances look slim. He will miss Miami's first 4 regular season games.

To summarize, aside for Lamar Smith's showing it was a bad game because the objective of the pre season is not getting hurt just as much as practice. The injury to Thomas could open the door for one of the young reciever like Jacquet, Baker or Spotwood.

Miami Mare Dolphins (8/12/00)

Miami managed to beat the Tampa bay Buccanears without getting in the endzone. The offense continued to struggle although the running game looked better and Lamar Smith proved he's worth a look as the starting RB. Miami moved the football pretty well, especially in the first half. Damon Huard was again so and so, He threw an INT (and nearly another), in short he could have done better. If Fielder plays well the last pre season game and Huard continues to struggle a change of QBs is not out of the question.

Smith rushed for 72 yards on 17 carries, that's a 4.2 average. He did all of his work in the first half. Thurman Thomas also looked well.

Miami's defense is ready for the begining of the season, although Tampa and Pittsburgh are hardly a power attack and Miami will have to deal with Manning, James, Bledsoe and other AFC monster offensive players the fact that in the last 2 games the opposing team didn't do anything is encourging. Miami did feature twice in this game WR Bert Emanuel as an option QB in 3rd and short situations, both of them resulting in a first down.
QB Mike Quinn looked solid and could threaten Druckenmiller for that 3rd string QB behind Huard and Fielder. Brock Marion and Damian Gregory had INTS and Madison dropped a pick that could have resulted in a TD, going the other end. The Dolphins also recoverred a fumble.

As for Olindo Mare, it looks like we are going to see another 130+ point season, He is probably the best kicker in the league and at times it looks like he can make any kick inside the 45. With the way the Dolphins are struggling getting the ball in the endzone, Mare, from Miami's 3 pro bowlers looks like the more likely to repeat.

Next game is on the 21st of August and it will probably feature the starting players for the last time in more than a quarter. The last pre season game against New Orleans looks like a backup game, unless Fielder will start in that one making it slightly more intriguing.

Dolphins lose pre season opener (8/6/00)

The Dolphins lost their pre season opener 13-10 to the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can understand by the score that it was a defensive battle. Miami's offense was just plain bad. The first team played the first half and managed only a FG. QB Druckenmiller leading the team in the second half managed to lead the team to their only TD, a 2 yard run by RB Autry Denson. Huard was 8 of 14, 64 yards and no INTs. However only one of those completions went to a WR, A 14 yard pass to WR Leslie Shepeard. Leading the Dolphins' recievers was Thurman Thomas who had 4 receptions. Jacquet had 71 yards on 3 receptions. Druckenmiller finished with over 140 yards but fumbled twice. Miami's defense was very good, but it's hardly a difficult task considering the fact that Miami's offense looks like the 1984 offense compared to the Steeler inept attack. QB Kordel Stewart was zero for 6 with an INT (Madison, who else ?). The Steelers backups Graham and Martin didn't do much better. WR Leslie Shepeard was tried as a punt returner and he did farley well returning a punt 46 yards. OT Willie Jones and G John Bock were injured but there is no word yet on them. starting TE Hunter Goodwin dropped a sure TD from Huard. Miami couldn't manage to run the ball (haven't we heard that before ?). By the end of the game, Steeler fans were thinking "Where's Marino ?" and " who's gonna save you now ?". It's reallt early to say anything about the team's performance, it's obvious not going to be a scoring team, nothing fancy this year also. But, it wasn't all bad, some players were OK and it's very early very very early. P Matt Turk opened his Dolphin career with a minus 5 yard punt, he followed it with a 57 yarder, talk about consistency...

Dolphins lose Fielder for a month (8/4/00)

Dolphins' QB controversy is pretty much over by a default. QB Jay Fielder had surgery on his hip Thursday and will miss most of the pre season. He will probably come back late in the pre season or early in the season. The injury makes Damon Huard the starter and gives him a big advantage the rest of the way. Jim Druckenmiller will move to the backup role and Mike Quinn will move to third string QB. It was already Huard's job to lose but the injury gives him an advantage because he will have time to show his skills in the pre season and get comfortable running the offense.

Dolphins sign Todd Wade and Ben Kelly (7/24/00)

The Miami Dolphins have signed their top two draft choices. 2nd round OT Todd Wade and 3rd round CB Ben Kelly. That means that their holdout is over and they will be able to join the rest of the team which is almost a week into training camp. Wade could get into the starting lineup with James Brown's departure. Wade will battle Brent Smith for the right offensive tackle job. As for Kelly he could make the team as a kick returner. He will find hard to get into the rotation at DB because the team have their nickel package set with Madison, Surtain and free agent acquisition Terrance Shaw. CB Ray Hill can also get his chance to get into the rotation. In today's NFL the third CB is almost a starter with the teams playing with 3 WRs in many cases.

Dolphins sign Gardener to a 7 year 50 million deal (7/21/00)

The Miami dolphins signed defensive tackle Darryl Gardener to a 7 year extension worth close to 50 million dollars. The starting defensive tackle will get about 6.6 million dollars as signing bonus. The deal will keep Gardener as a Dolphin until the year 2007. Gardener is one of the Dolphins defensive linemen that would have been a free agent at year's end. Fellow DT Tim Bowens and DEs Jason Taylor and Rich Owens all will become free agents at the end of the year. Owens' contract says that he can not be a franchise player, so the team is looking to extend his contract because with his ability he could have a huge demand at the free agent market. The team can choose to put their franchise tag next year on starting DT Tim Bowens.

Dolphins sign Freeman, cut Calvin Jackson (7/12/00)

The Miami Dolphins have signed 5th round draft pick S Arturo Freeman. Freeman is Miami's second draft pick to be signed after the team already signed 4th round pick FB Deon Dyer.

The team has also announced that they have waived starting safety Calvin Jackson. Jackson is a 5 year veteran

Street to be named after Marino (7/12/00)

199th street, near pro player stadium will from August 21st be forever known as Dan Marino Blvd. As part of Marino's retirement, the city of Miami-Dade will rename the street Marino Blvd. 199th street from 2nd avenue to 57th avenue will carry the name Dan Marino boulevard. Miami mayor said "Aside from having every possible NFL passing record, Dan Marino is truly an outstanding South Florida citizen...". Marino said it is a great honor that the street in front of Pro Player Stadium will be named after him.

Dolphins sign Madison to 54 Million deal (6/22/00)

The Miami Dolphins have announced that they have signed CB Sam Madison to a 7 year 54 million dollar deal. Madison is the first of many key defensive players that will become free agent at the end of next season (Bowens, Gardener, Owens, Taylor). Madison became the highest paid player in team history. His salary averages 7.7 million a year. Deion Sanders' deal was a 7 year 55 million deal.

Dolphins waive Yatil Green and Brown (6/15/00)

The Dolphins announced the cutting of WR Yatil Green in a salary cap move. Green, Miami's 1997 1st round pick missed his first 2 seasons with injuries. He played in 8 games last year but he was also partly injured. He had 5 knee operations in 4 years. With that the team has only 1 Jimmy Johnson first rounder (Gardener; 1 out of 3, Avery was traded for WR Nash which was cut later).

The team has also announced that it was cutting RT James Brown.
second round pick Todd Ware is supposed to take over, there is always a possibility of moving another OL or signing one. Both moves saved Miami money under the cap.
Green's agent didn't rule out re signing for less money if Green clears waivers (10 days)

The team has also resigned Kevin Donnalley for less money. He'll challenge Heath Irwin for the RG spot. The team signed restricted free agent kicker Olindo Mare to a one year deal worth over a million dollars, making him the NFL's highest paid kicker (for now...)

Dolphins cut Donnalley, Zolak, sign Quinn, Dyer, QB race down to 2. (6/11/00)

The Dolphins have cut starting RG Kevin Donnalley in a salary cap move. The team also cut QB Scott Zolak and signed QB Quinn to compete with Druckenmiller for the 3rd string QB job. The Dolphins have used the money they got from the Donnalley move to sign their 4th round choice FB Deon Dyer.
The team also started the QB schools. Coach Wannstedt has said that the QB race is down to two, Huard and Fielder, and the decision on the starting QB will be made by the 2nd or 3rd pre season game.

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Former Dolphins hall of fame coach Don Shula was only one of five coaches in pro football history to have coached the same team for 20 or more consecutive seasons. Shula (1970-95) completed his 26th season with the Dolphins. Green bay's Curly Lambeau (1921-49) and Dallas' Tom Landry (1960-88) share the record with 29 each, while Pittsburgh's Chuck Noll (1969-91) and the NY Giants' Steve Owen (1931-53) coached 23 years with their teams.

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