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[ Dolphin Honor Roll | NFL Man of the Year Award]

Famous Dolphins and their numbers
1Garo Yepremian (1970-78), Tua Tagovailoa (2020-)
4Reggie Roby (1983-92)
5Uwe Von Schamann (1979-84)
8Daunte Culpepper (2006-07)
9Jay Fiedler (2000-04)
10Don Strock (1974-87), Pete Stoyanovich (1989-95), Olindo Mare (1997-2006)
11Jim Jensen (1981-92), Mike Wallace (2013-14), DeVante Parker (2015-)
12Bob Griese (1967-80) - Griese's number retired
13Jake Scott (1970-75), Dan Marino (1983-99) - Marino's number retired
14Jarvis Landry (2014-17), Ryan Fitzpatrick (2019-2020)
15Earl Morrall (1972-76)
17Ryan Tannehill (2012-2018)
19Brandon Marshall (2010-01)
20Reshad Jones (2010-2019)
21Jim Kiick (1968-74), Mark Higgs (1990-4), Brent Grimes (2013-15)
22Tony Nathan (1979-87), Mercury Morris (1969-75), Reggie Bush (2011-12)
23Patrick Surtain (1998-2004), Ronnie Brown (2005-2010)
24Delvin Williams (1978-80)
25Louis Oliver (1989-93, 1995-96), Xavien Howard (2016-)
27Lorenzo Hampton (1985-89), Terrell Buckley (1995-98)
28Don McNeal (1980-89)
29Sam Madison (1997-2005)
30Ron Davenport (1985-89), Bernie Parmalee (1992-98)
31Norm Bulaich (1975-79), Brock Marion (1998-2003)
32Benny Malone (1974-78), Tom Vigorito (1981-5)
33Sammie Smith (1989-92), Karim Abdul Jabar (1996-99)
34Woody Bennett (1980-88), Ricky Williams (2002-03, 2005, 2007-10)
35Michael Stewart (1994-96)
36Don Nottingham (1973-77), Steve Howell (1979-81)
37Andra Franklin (1981-84), J.B Brown (1989-96)
38Calvin Jackson (1994-98)
39Larry Csonka (1968-74, 1979) - Csonka's number retired
40Dick Anderson (1968-77), Mike Kozlowski (1981-86)
41Keith Byars (1993-96)
42Paul Warfield (1970-74), Lyle Blackwood (1981-86), Charles Clay (2012-2014, Clay wore 31 in 2011)
43Terry Kirby (1993-4, Kirby wore 42 in 1995)
44Paul Lankford (1982-91)
47Glenn Blackwood (1979-87)
49Charlie Babb (1972-79), William Judson (1982-9), Tony Paige (1990-92)
50Larry Gordon (1976-82), Jackie Shipp (1984-88), Dwight Hollier (1992-98), Olivier Vernon (2012-15)
51Rusty Chambers (1976-80), Mark Brown (1983-88), Bryan Cox (1991-95)
53Bob Mathenson (1971-79)
54E.J Junior (1989-91), Zach Thomas (1996-2007)
55Hugh Green (1985-91), Jerome Baker (2018-)
56Steve Towle (1975-80), john Offerdahl (1986-93)
57Mike Kolen (1970-75, 1977), Dwight Stephenson (1980-87)
58Kim Bokamper (1977-85), Karlos Dansby (2010-12)
59Bob Brudzinski (1981-89)
60Jeff Toews (1979-85)
61Roy Foster (1982-90), Tim Ruddy (1994-2003)
62Jim Langer (1970-79)
63Mark Dennard (1979-83), Jeff Uhlenhake (1989-93)
64Ed Newman (1973-84)
65Jeff Dellenbach (1985-94)
66Larry Little (1969-80)
67Bob Kuechenberg (1970-84)
68Eric Laakso (1978-84)
69Keith Sims (1990-97)
70Bill Barnett (1980-85), Brian Sochia (1986-91)
71Mike Charles (1983-6)
72Bob Heinz (1969-77)
73Bob Baumhower (1977-86), Norm Evans (1966-75)
74Cleveland Green (1980-6), Mark Dennis (1987-93)
75Manny Fernandez (1968-75), Doug Betters (1978-87)
77A.J Duhe (1977-84), Jake Long (2008-2013)
78Richmond Webb (1990-2000)
79Wayne Moore (1970-78), Jon Giesler (1979-87)
80Marv Fleming (1970-74), Joe Rose (1980-5), Ferrell Edmunds (1988-92), Irving Fryar (1993-95)
81Jimmy Cefalo (1978-84), O.J McDuffie (1993-2001), Howard Twilley (1966-76)
82Duriel Harris (1977-83, 1985), Brian Hartline (2009-14)
83Vern Der Herder (1972-82, Der Herder wore 86 in 1971), Mark Clayton (1983-92)
84Bill Stanfill (1969-76), Bruce Hardy (1978-89), Chris Chambers (2001-07)
85Nick Buoniconti (1969-76), Mark Duper (1982-92)
86Oronde Gadsden (1998-2003)
88Jim Mandich (1970-77), Keith Jackson (1992-94), Mike Gesicki (2019-, wore 86 in 2018)
89Karl Noonan (1966-71), Nat Moore (1974-86)
91Jeff Cross (1988-95), Cameron Wake (2009-18)
92Daryl Gardener (1996-2001)
93Trace Armstrong (1995-2000), Ndamukong Suh (2015-17)
94Randy Starks (2008-2014), Cristian Wilkins (2019-)
95T.J Turner (1986-92), Tim Bowens (1994-2004), Dion Jordan (2013-2014, 2016)
96Paul Soliai (2007-2013)
97John Bosa (1987-89)
98Jared Odrick (2010-2014)
99Chuck Klingbeil (1991-5), Jason Taylor (1997-2007, 2009, 2011)
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Dolphins' 6 largest road crowds
103,6671/30/83Washington (at Pasadena, S.B XVII)Lost 27-17
85,4621/14/73Washington (at L.A, S.B VII)Won 14-7
84,0591/20/85San Francisco (at Stanford, S.B XIX)Lost 38-16
80,5911/16/72Dallas (at New Orleans, S.B VI)Lost 24-3
80,37411/18/79ClevelandLost 30-24
80,36810/4/92BuffaloWon 37-10

Dolphins' 6 largest home crowds
78,9391/2/72Baltimore (at the Orange Bowl)Won 21-0
78,91411/19/72NY Jets (at the Orange Bowl)Won 28-24
78,7449/22/75Oakland (at the Orange Bowl)Lost 31-21
78,19612/24/72Cleveland (at the Orange Bowl)Won 20-14
77,59610/15/72San Diego (at the Orange Bowl)Won 24-10
76,80111/27/72St. Louis (at the Orange Bowl)Won 31-10
Largest crowd in Pro Player Stadium was 75,283 on 10/27/96 in a game against the Cowboys.
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Years with 6 or more pro bowl selections
S Dick Anderson, LB Nick Buoniconti (dnp), RB Larry Csonka (dnp), T Norm Evans, G Larry Little (s), RB Mercury Morris, S Jake Scott (s), DE Bill Stanfill (dnp), WR Paul Warfield (dnp)
S Dick Anderson (s), LB Nick Buoniconti , RB Larry Csonka (dnp), QB Bob Griese, C Jim Langer (s), G Larry Little (s), T Wayne Moore (dnp), RB Mercury Morris (dnp), S Jake Scott (s), DE Bill Stanfill (dnp), WR Paul Warfield (dnp), K Garo Yepremian (s)
S Dick Anderson (s), RB Larry Csonka, T Norm Evans, QB Bob Griese, G Bob Kuechenberg, C Jim Langer (s), G Larry Little (s), DE Bill Stanfill (s), S Jake Scott, WR Paul Warfield
DT Bob Baumhower (s), DE Doug Betters (s), WR Mark Duper, QB Dan Marino (s-dnp), G Ed Newman (s), C Dwight Stephenson (s)
DT Bob Baumhower (dnp), WR Mark Clayton, LB A.J Duhe, WR Mark Duper (s), QB Dan Marino (s), G Ed Newman (s), P Reggie Roby (s), C Dwight Stephenson (s)
WR Mark Clayton, WR Mark Duper (dnp), G Ray Foster, QB Dan Marino (s-dnp), LB John Offerdahl (s), C Dwight Stephenson (dnp)
DE Trace Armstrong (s), DE Jason Taylor (s), LB Zach Thomas, CB Sam Madison (s), S Brock Marion, C Tim Ruddy, LB Larry Izzo (spt)
DE Jason Taylor (s), LB Zach Thomas (s), CB Patrick Surtain (s), S Brock Marion, DT Tim Bowens, RB Ricky Williams, CB Sam Madison
s=Selected starter, dnp=Did not play, spt=Special teams player
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Dolphin Honor Roll
NamePositionYearsInduction Date
Joe RobbieFounder1966-1989Sep. 16th 1990
Larry CsonkaFB1968-74, 1979Nov. 19th 1990
Bob GrieseQB1967-80Nov. 19th 1990
Jim LangerC1970-79Nov. 19th 1990
Paul WarfieldWR1970-74Nov. 19th 1990
Nick BuonicontiLB1969-76Nov. 18th 1991
1972 Undefeated team-1972Nov. 16th 1992
Larry LittleG1969-80Dec. 16th 1993
Dwight StephensonC1980-87Dec. 12th 1994
Bob KuechenbergG1970-84Dec. 15th 1995
Don ShulaHead Coach1970-95Nov. 25th 1996
Nat MooreWR1974-86Dec. 5th 1999
Dan MarinoQB1983-99Sep. 17th 2000
Mark ClaytonWR1983-92Dec. 15th 2003
Mark DuperWR1982-92Dec. 15th 2003
Dick AndersonS1968-77Dec. 3rd 2006
Richmond WebbLT1990-00Dec. 25th 2006
Bob BaumhowerDT/NT1977-86Dec. 14th 2008
Doug Betters DE1978-87Dec. 14th 2008
Bill StanfillDE1969-76Nov. 18th 2010
Jake Scott S1970-75Nov. 18th 2010
Jim Mandich TE1970-77Dec. 4th 2011
Zach Thomas MLB/ILB1996-07Oct. 14th 2012
Jason TaylorDE/OLB1997-07, 2009, 2011Oct. 14th 2012
John OfferdahlLB1986-1993Oct. 31st 2013
Manny FernandezDT/DE1968-1975Dec 21st 2014
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NFL Man of the Year Award
1971Joe Robbie
1982Don Shula
1985Dwight Stephenson
1998Dan Marino
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On January 8, 1987, four Dolphins - Bob Griese, Larry Csonka, Jim Langer and Larry Little - were among the 14 finalists under consideration for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Csonka and Langer were elected, Griese was elected in 1990 and Little in 1993.

In the 1999 wild card game Trace Armstrong recorded a Dolphin playoff record with 3 sacks as the Dolphins beat the Seahawks in Seattle.

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