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Most Games 300 yard Passing

300 yard Passing Games
Dan Marino10/23/88N.Y. JETS60355213556
Dan Marino9/4/94NEW ENGLAND42234735164t
Dan Marino12/2/84L.A. RAIDERS57354704264
Tua Tagovailoa9/18/22at Baltimore50364696260t
Tua Tagovailoa9/10/23at LA Chargers45284663147
Dan Marino10/1/95at Cincinnati48334502158
Dan Marino9/21/86at N.Y. Jets50304486246t
Dan Marino9/25/94at Minnesota54294313343
Ryan Tannehill9/30/12at Arizona41264311280t
Dan Marino9/30/84at St. Louis36244293051
Dan Marino9/24/89 N.Y. JETS55334273243t
Dan Marino11/4/84 at N.Y. Jets42234222254
Dan Marino12/30/95*at Buffalo64334222345t
Dan Marino1/6/85*PITTSBURGH32214214141
Ryan Fitzpatrick12/22/19CINCINNATI52314194151
Chad Henne9/12/11NEW ENGLAND49304162131
Joey Harrington10/22/06GREEN BAY62334142344
David Woodley10/25/81at Dallas 37214083569t
Dan Marino12/9/84at Indianapolis4129 404 4142
Dan Marino11/16/86at Buffalo5439404 4039
Dan Marino12/12/88CLEVELAND50304044346
Don Strock1/2/82*SAN DIEGO43294034150t
Dan Marino12/14/86at L.A. Rams46294035169t
Ryan Tannehill12/21/14MINNESOTA47353964141
Dan Marino10/10/99at Indianapolis38253932062
Dan Marino12/20/87WASHINGTON50223933159t
Dan Marino9/29/85at Denver43253903073
Dan Marino11/23/97at New England60383890327
Ryan Tannehill9/18/16at New England45323892233
Tua Tagovailoa10/30/22at Detroit36293823042
Dan Marino12/13/87at Philadelphia39253763154
Brock Osweiler10/14/18CHICAGO44283803275t
Dan Marino10/12/97at N.Y. Jets38273722036t
Bernie Kosar10/15/95at New Orleans 42293683231t
Dan Marino12/9/90PHILADELPHIA 54273652037
Steve DeBerg12/5/93N.Y. GIANTS 41263651244
Ryan Fitzpatrick12/1/19PHILADELPHIA39273653143t
Chad Henne9/26/10N.Y. JETS 26443632140
Dan Marino11/10/85N.Y. JETS 37213623360
Tua Tagovailoa1/3/21at Buffalo58353611331
Gus Frerotte11/13/05New England47253602147
Dan Marino11/6/88at New England51293591232
Dan Marino11/12/89at N.Y. Jets34183593278t
Dan Marino11/27/94at N.Y. Jets44313594228t
Ryan Tannehill9/20/15at Jacksonville44303592048
Dan Marino10/25/92INDIANAPOLIS45253552348t
Dan Marino12/21/98DENVER38233554156t
Dan Marino11/27/88at N.Y. Jets35173535080t
Ryan Tannehill11/29/15at N.Y. Jets58333513140
Bob Griese11/20/78at Houston33233492147
Ryan Tannehill1/3/16NEW ENGLAND38253502046
Ryan Fitzpatrick10/11/20at San Francisco28223503070
Chad Henne12/20/09at Tennessee29463491357
Ryan Tannehill12/14/14at New England47293461250
Dan Marino12/8/85at Green Bay44303455161
Scott Mitchell10/31/93KANSAS CITY44233443077t
Steve DeBerg12/13/93PITTSBURGH44273441247
Dan Marino12/3/95ATLANTA50353432232
Chad Pennington11/23/08NEW ENGLAND 41243413146
Dan Marino12/17/84DALLAS 40233404263
Dan Marino12/24/89Kansas City47 28 3393135
Dan Marino11/18/84at San Diego4128 3382232
Dan Marino10/12/86BUFFALO 41243371139
Chad Henne12/6/09NEW ENGLAND52293352129
Dan Marino10/22/89GREEN BAY37243332261
Dan Marino11/12/95NEW ENGLAND 37273332231t
Dan Marino11/1/87PITTSBURGH31253324250t
Ryan Tannehill12/1/13at NY Jets43283312131
Dan Marino11/17/85at Indianapolis37223301042
Dan Marino9/15/85INDIANAPOLIS48293292026
Dan Marino10/16/88SAN DIEGO 45 263291051
Tua Tagovailoa10/17/21at Jacksonville (London)47333292132
Ryan Tannehill12/27/15INDIANAPOLIS 38 263290149
Teddy Bridgewater10/16/22MINNESOTA 34 233292249
Jay Fiedler12/28/03NY Jets29213281159
Ryan Fitzpatrick9/20/20BUFFALO47313282027
Bob Griese9/14/69at Cincinnati39193271250
Dan Marino11/18/91BUFFALO 42233262241
Dan Marino9/7/97TENNESSEE 43243240050
Tua Tagovailoa11/19/23LAS VEGAS 39283252138t
Tua Tagovailoa10/29/23NEW ENGLAND 45303243142t
Dan Marino1/12/91*at Buffalo49233233264t
Dan Marino10/12/98at Jacksonville49303232128
Ryan Fitzpatrick11/17/19BUFFALO45323230050
Don Strock12/15/79 N.Y. JETS41263221238
Chad Henne12/27/09 HOUSTON55353221135
Dan Marino12/27/99N.Y JETS52293223332
Dan Marino10/9/83BUFFALO29193223263
Dan Marino9/14/92at Cleveland 35253221047
Dan Marino10/14/84HOUSTON 32253213032
Dan Marino10/6/91at New England38253212034
Dan Marino11/16/92BUFFALO 33223212155
Dan Marino12/13/98N.Y. JETS57303211131
Dan Marino12/27/98at Atlanta36213201250
Jay Fiedler12/22/01at New England37213201044
Ryan Fitzpatrick12/29/19at New England41283201028
Ryan Tannehill9/15/13at Indianapolis34233191067
Ryan Tannehill9/25/16CLEVELAND39253193242
Dan Marino 1/20/85*vs. San Francisco50293181230
Trent Green 9/23/07at NY Jets36233181143
Dan Marino 10/21/84 at New England39243164128
Tua Tagovailoa 12/13/20 KANSAS CITY48283162129t
Cleo Lemon12/16/07BALTIMORE39233151064
Ryan Fitzpatrick10/4/20SEATTLE45293150226
Chad Pennington10/26/08BUFFALO30223141064
Dan Marino12/5/99INDIANAPOLIS38243133133
Dan Marino11/20/94at Pittsburgh45313121145
Ryan Tannehill12/15/13NEW ENGLAND37253123039t
Dan Marino9/2/84at Washington28213115074
Jay Cutler11/6/17OAKLAND34423113027
Dan Marino12/4/94BUFFALO 42253113345t
Dan Marino12/7/97DETROIT 39243102127t
Jay Fiedler9/29/02at Kansas city 45293101438
Tua Tagovailoa12/25/22GREEN BAY 25163101384t
Ryan Tannehill11/24/13Carolina 42283101157
Ryan Tannehill11/8/15at Buffalo 36273090046
Tua Tagovailoa9/24/23DENVER 26233094054t
David Woodley9/27/81 at Baltimore30193092048
Tua Tagovailoa10/8/23 NY GIANTS30223082269t
John Stofa12/18/66HOUSTON38223074248t
Chad Henne11/28/10at Oakland30173072157t
Ryan Tannehill10/6/13BALTIMORE40213071049
Dan Marino12/1/91TAMPA BAY32203072051
Bob Griese10/17/76KANSAS CITY35253061239
Dan Marino12/4/88INDIANAPOLIS 32263043155
Dan Marino11/30/86ATLANTA 40203032454t
Dan Marino10/25/87BUFFALO 36243034025t
AJ Feeley12/5/04BUFFALO 51253033536
Dan Marino10/20/85TAMPA BAY39273023142
Chad Henne10/4/10NEW ENGLAND39293022328
Tua Tagovailoa11/6/22at Chicago30213023039
Dan Marino9/28/86SAN FRANCISCO46273011424
Dan Marino12/10/89NEW ENGLAND32213000136
Ryan Tannehill10/29/15at New England44283000229
* Playoff game
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Most 300 yard Passing Games
Dan Marino
Ryan Tannehill
Tua Tagovailoa
Chad Henne
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Bob Griese
Jay Fiedler
David Woodley
Steve Deberg
Don Strock
Chad Pennington
Teddy Bridgewater
Brock Osweiler
Jay Cutler
Cleo Lemon
Gus Frerotte
John Stofa
Bernie Kosar
Scott Mitchell
AJ Feeley
Trent Green
Joey Harrington
** Including 4 playoff games
*** Including 1 playoff game
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On the 20th of December 1984, the Assosiated Press named QB Dan Marino as the league's MVP. Marino broke the NFL's record for TD passes in a year on the 2nd of December 1984, against the Raiders, when he threw his 37th TD. He will end the game with 4 TDs giving him 40 for the season and set up then Dolphin records for yards in a game (470) completions (35) and attempts (57).

On December 17, 1984, Miami end up the regular season with the best record in the AFC (14-2). In the last game Miami beats Dallas 28-21 as Mark Clayton catches 3 TD passes to break the NFL record and Dan Marino becomes the first QB ever to throw for more than 5000 yards in a season. In that game his 4 TDs extend his NFL record for TDs in a season to 48.

QB Dan Marino

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