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Divisional playoff summary

Dolphins collapse

I have seen a lot of football games, but this was by far the worst performance of a team I have ever seen. I don't think that there was something that could have gone wrong and didn't. Miami had enough bad plays for 2 or 3 seasons in 2 quarters of football. They had stupid fumbles, INTs ridicoulus tackle efforts and 2 blocked punts in one game. That was the most pathetic tackling I have ever seen and probably will ever see. The defensive effort was just so bad they looked like a school team, and I mean an elementary school team. They were that bad.
First thing to do next year - Get the players an NFL rules book. They just don't know the rules of a football game. A play is alive untill someone with the ball is down ! wake up, and friendly touching him won't do it you have to Tackle him, you know... This is not touch/falg football, But they sure proved they don't know what tackling is...

QB Saying Dan Marino (in perhaps his last game) and Damon Huard didn't play very well is an understatement. They played poorly, losing the football a few times. The reason they get a D- instead of an F is because the defense played so poorly they should be singled out. Marino threw 2 INTs, he had a few dropped passes and his recievers somehow managed to play even worse, and believe me it wasn't an easy accomplishment. D-

RB They didn't get a real shot because this game was over by the 2nd quarter. BUT, they also played very bad, Marino threw a perfect lateral pass that Denson dropped and to add insult to injury didn't even bother to fall on the ball. He probably didn't realize that a lateral pass is a live ball. He added another fumble inside Miami's endzone. The Jags recovered and scored a TD (there is a reason he was a 6th round pick that didn't make the Bucs roster). Really this grade is way too high... F

WR I didn't see any recievers, did you ? Marino threw almost all of his 1st quarter passes away because there was no reciever open, and I mean remotely open because Dan doesn't shy away from throwing into tight coverage (maybe he should). They didn't show up. The words Martin, OJ, and Martin were not used in a positive sentence, they also dropped easy passes by Dan. Again this is a case that the grade is too high. F

OL Dan was pressured, sacked the hole deal. They didn't show up but so didn't everybody else. In Marino's fumble and Brackens fiasco LT Richmond Webb looked pathetic he just try to shove Tony Brackens away. (Brackens is no punter, you know..) He didn't even make an effort and he is supposed to cover Marino's blind side...Marino didn't know what hit him. Now, on sunday everybody (especailly JJ) will say Marino turned the ball over but even if he had super glue on his hands, come on, he didn't see Brackens, he couldn't have, he had no time this should go down as a Webb turnover. Really ther effort was pathetic. I don't see them returning as a unit next year, at least Webb is gone. F

DL Oh, God. I can't believe they were that bad. There was no pass rush whatsoever. What was that ?! They looked like choir girls. They should move to Liverpool and try playing rugby. What was that fiasco ? Taylor getting a 90 yard run. The Jags getting 500+ yards in one game ! 200+ running yards. Taylor had a 39 yard reception on a screen pass. They were pathetic. This grade is way but I mean way too high. F

LB Miami's overrated defense collapsed. I didn't hear Rogers name all day. Jones was no Lawrence Taylor either, even Zach didn't play good. They just couldn't tackle. Miami should try to find another LB in the off season. JJ tried to bring Dixon Edwards in the off season, he knew why... F

Secondary When a team plays that bad in all aspects of the game it's really hard to be the worst position. Somehow the secondary played the worst.
The "tackling" was an insult to TV viewers. I have never seen a worst performance by a team ever. They just couldn't tackle. Taylor broke on his big run and reception about 10 or 11 so called tackle attempts. Jackson, Wooden, Madison, Marion they all played very very bad. They were so bad that no college would accept them as their team. Help needed, especially at safety. I don't think they made a single decent play all game. Jags backup QB completed a 70 yard TD to some WR even the other Jags don't know who he is. The 39 yard screen to Taylor is candidate for worst tackling effort ever. F- (That's for emphasis)

Special teams 2 blocked passes in a year is way too much. In a decade it's reasonable. I don't remember seeing 2 blocked punts in a game. They joined the entire team with their play. Punter Tom Hutton has played his last game for Miami, his performance was enough, He's out. I just can't see the Dolphins resigning him. F

Coaching They were as bad as the players. They rushed 4 people against an injured Brunell. I thought they will come after him. When they blitzed, Brunell hit a 39 yard screen on that fiasco tackling effort. A team that gives up 62 points are obviously not well prepared, don't you agree ? F

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RB Terry Kirby holds the Dolphins record for receptions in a game by a rookie. Kirby caught 9 passes on 19th of December, 1993, against the Buffalo Bills. The 9 catches gained 148 yards.

QB Dan Marino

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