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Dolphins vs Cowboys game summary 11/25/99

I haven't seen a worse performance by the Dolphins in recent memory (a part from the Bills game). They played so poorly I wanted to stop the VCR. If they play like this forget about the Colts game, the division or even maybe the playoffs. I think Miami has put itself a big problem. Even if they beat Indy (which I doubt) the division will still be a big dream, they have a taff schedule, and forget about a first week bye. They are playing like a very bad team. Even if they make the playoffs, they are going to be out by the divisional playoff game. They have got to get better and fast. Maybe things will be better come sunday, we can only hope for a Colt loss and a Seahawk loss. They've got 10 days to prepare for the Indy game, if they lose this season could be over because the division will be Indy's (Indy still playes the Browns...)

Grading the Dolphins

QB A bad game for Dan, very bad, I don't think he was 100%. He did throw 5 INTs in 1988 but he also threw for 521 yards that day. He started good but the second half was a disaster. AND the recievers didn't help either. F

WR Recievers ?? What recievers ?? I didn't see any, Did you ?? I remember Gadsden catching a ball or something and Martin early on.
Now we know how life without OJ can look like, It's not pretty. Martin thinks he's in the opera, a ball passes him by, at least he could make an effort to prevent the INT (I'm talking about a dropped INT). When Green caught 3 balls it was the end, if he can catch 3 balls that tells how bad the other WRs were. F

RB We have a winner !! Rob Konrad has beaten Pritchett in the "Who can drop more passes competition" Pritchett was bad, Konrad even worse. JJJ wasn't very good either. They didn't give Dan any help, nothing, zero, nada, not even close. F

OL They are by far the worst unit on the team. they are just, how can I put it in one word, BAD. They can't give the QB any kind of time, they can not prevent pasees from being deflected (by a 6'4' QB...), they sure can't run block.
Brown played partly, he wasn't any good, neither was Gogan-Donnaley. The only good thing about Webb is that JJ didn't give him the millions he wanted. Imagine how we would have felt if he played like that and got 5-6 million a year. Dixon is a CFL player, well at least he's cheap, and finnaly, Tim Ruddy - the only thing good he does is snap the ball very well in the shotgun position, that about says it all about a center. I'm sorry I can't give them a worse grade. This grade is not only for yesterday, it's for most of the season. F !

DL Emmitt Smith ran very good, got his 100+ yards and most of his yards were up the middle. They didn't play very well, especially in the run stopping. They had only 1 sack (Owens), although, they did put pressure on Aikman at times and got 2 intentional grounding calls on Aikman. The positive thing about this game is Rich Owens. Owens is by far Miami's best free agent pick up, he is a very good player, both against the run and the pass, I like him. C

LB Zach had a lot of tackels, but it doesn't make him good, Jones and Rogers were in on a few. As I said Smith ran whenever he wanted, they missed him a few times and just overperssued on other occasions. In short, it wasn't one of their better games. C

Secondary T-Buck, oh, T-Buck instead of dropping into coverage he dropped a few million dollars come free agency. He gets beaten way too much. The S should have helped, but what diiference does it make ? I don't know when but I see a change in the starting line-up in the future. I think Suratin should get his chance, although I don't see JJ making the change just yet.
As I said in my preview Dallas will want to put Ismail on T-Buck and go long, that is exactly what they did.
Marion missed a tackle in the long Smith run in the 1st quarter, Wooden should have helped in the big TD, well, you get the picture. D-

Special teams This is a strong candidate for worst position play on the team and worst non - turnover performance in recent memory. Marion and Jacquet were used to be "players who return kicks", now they became so called "return man". What I mean by that is they are starting to think of themselves too much, I didn't see them run back a kick for a score... They are dancing too much, making a Deion impression, well it doesn't work. Marion was particulary awful, he didn't make it even back to the 20 ! and not only once ! the return team was just not good.

And now, a special section to Olindo Mare - He went 0 for 3. He missed the first FG by a mile, I am not kidding it was so far right I thought it was closer to the fans at the sideline, it wasn't even in the vecinity of the goal posts. The third one was just as bad, god it was awful. The second missed FG was more in the right direction but it was blocked (no excuse for that).
Mare is a good kicker but he tends to fade away at the end, I hope it was just a bad game because, right now he is the best offensive player Miami has. Come to think of it, if your best hope for an offense is a kicker that just went 0 for 3... Big trouble F

Coaching Well ,that grade usually goes with the outcome of the game. In that case this grade is way too high. The only positive thing was to stick with Dan, because if JJ would have pulled him out, we could all kiss this season goodbye. The psychology behind a move like that was, well, you know... D

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FB Ron Davenport and RB Karim Abdul Jabar share the Dolphin record for rushing TDs by a rookie. They both scored 11 TDs in their rookie seasons. Davenport in 1985 and Jabar in 1996.

QB Dan Marino

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