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Dolphins vs Jets game summary 12/13/99

A very dissapointing game, losing 28-20 againt the Jets, the Jets !! In theory Miami can still make the playoffs, but really if they play like that why bother ???

Grading the Dolphins

QB This is Marino's last games as a pro QB. We got to deal with that. I don't see him returning and perhaps JJ doesn't want him back. In his last days in a Dolphin uniform he is very inconsistent following a 300 yard 3 TD game with an under 50% performance with 2 INTs, one of them returned for TD. He's not getting help from the RBs, WRs or OL, and in his present form he is far away from being able to do it on his own. D

WR I actually think this unit is overrated. Let's get serious Green ? 14 catches in 3 years, ex-arena star Gadsden, you know there is a reason he got to the arena league in the first place. Martin is as consistent as Marino and put OJ in a Jet-Patriot-Niner-Viking uniform and he is a third down WR. They didn't play well. They just didn't get open, that's the bottom line. Martin had 2 receptions for 12 yards (a d-o-z-e-n yards really, there is no misprint) D-

RB JJ said the running game was OK, "at one point" it averaged 4 yards a carry. HA-HA-HA. 69 yards on 20 carries... when exactly did Miami rush for 4 yards a carry, did he mean 1984, or did he mean after the first carry of a game (any game for that matter). Running game - HAH. injuries are a concern but it's not like Cecil and JJJ were breaking 50 yard runs or running for 100 every game (the longest run this year is 25 yards and they only have one individual 100 yard game- combined) as I said running game - HAH. D

OL Pritchett, Johnson, Collins, Jabar, Spikes, Phillips, Wheatley. Are they all bad ??? (at least Wheatley looks fine in Oakland) I can go on Kirby, Higgs, Hampton, Humphrey, Nathan, really I can go on. I think the RBs aren't Eric Dickerson but I don't think they are so bad. The O-line simply can't block, that's all. Pritchett saw all kind of green jerseys around him. I'll let you in on a secret, they can't pass block very well either, they are living of Marino's quick release, we saw it when Huard was there. Marino was sacked twice, in a normal QB terms it's like 4 sacks. D-

DL I don't really care how good they are (or they think they are). Only the bottom line counts, and getting 20 points from the Jets, the Lucas quarterbacked Jets is not very good. One sack is nothing to brag about either. (and guess who got in on that sack...Owens, I told you he is very good) D-

LB Another overrated position Zach is huge, but crowning the Dolphin defense as best in the league is ridiculous. The LBs are a part of the used to be very good and now just above average defense. They played OK but I am still mad about Indy D

Secondary Oh, They gave him the damn ball, oh, yes they did, again and again and again and again. Keyshawn Johnson made the Miami defense look so bad even without the fact that at QB the Jets had a special teams coverage man. Johnson got 11 catches for 140+ yards for a carrer high. Why now ? why? sometimes you just have to double cover ! F

Special teams Hutton was just simply bad. T-Buck went the wrong way on a return. Jacquet had a nice 35 yard return on his only try. But, today I will let you in on another secret. It's called Brock Marion. You remember the 93 tard return vs Buffalo. Well, why didn't he get in ? he is just slower than other return man, he's not very good at returning kicks. He got a big return early in the year so his average was high and he had a high ranking league-wise but his numbers are declining ever since. Mark my words, by the end of the season he will be at the middle of the pack in the league. I guarantee.
Mare connected on 2 FGs breaking the franchise record for most FGs in a season (Stoyanovich 31). Mare kicked number 33. I'm glad to see that record broken. (Stoyanovich mised a game winnnig FG in a divisional playoff game vs San Diego a few years ago, The Chargers went on to the super bowl...) D

Coaching Well, Miami wasn't prepared. I know injuries and so on, but they are a part of the game. There are no excuses. The team played bad and even if they somehow with some miracle get themselves into the playoffs they wouldn't go past the first round. (I said 2nd round last week, but now a wild card win looks so far away, in fact a playoff apperance looks far away)
As you can see I am pretty mad about the Dolphins and the last game, lets hope they can still save something out of this season. Begining sunday at home vs the Chargers, the Chargers right now look scary, the way the Dolphins are playing. D-

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In 1978, RB Delvin Williams set a franchise record when he rushed for 1,258 yards on 272 carries. Williams also scored 8 rushing TDs.

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