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Dolphins vs Bills game summary 11/15/99

The Dolphins lost the most important game of the year. They were crushed. There wasn't a single positive play all day long.
Huard threw for 65 yards, he was sacked for 24 yards. The total pass offense totaled 41 yards (that is f-o-r-t-y-o-n-e). The rushing offense wasn't any better, 60 yards.
That comes out to 101 total yards (o-n-e h-u-n-d-r-e-d and o-n-e). Add to that 41 yards that were lost in penalties...
Miami will lose a head to head tie break with Buffalo and its division record is only 2-2.
Collins will be probably out for the year, (I won't say anything about the Karim trade...). Miami has only 2 tailbacks left, JJJ and Denson. Denson has never been activated. Konrad can carry a few times also. In short that spells trouble. Big trouble.

Grading the Dolphins

QB Huard was so bad, I didn't think that it was possible to play that bad. The only thing he did good was saying there wasn't any QB question, he sure got that right.
He went 9 for 25 (36%) for 65 yards and an INT. That computes to, and this is not a misprint 26 QB rating. T-W-E-N-T-Y S-I-X. Some of his throws weren't even in the vicinity of a reciever.
After this game, the first loss of the season looks like a good game... BUT, It wasn't Huard alone, it was a collective poor game across the board. F

WR All of Miami's WR had a grand total of 4 receptions. Martin and OJ had 2 each. Gadsden and Jacquet didn't catch a ball. Huard didn't help either. They get the "highest" grade of the offense... D-

RB Somehow, The game wasn't the worse thing that happened sunday, I am not kidding. Collins broke his leg after 4 carries (after running for zero yards...). He could be out for the season. That means BIG BIG trouble.
After releasing Karim, Avery and Parmalee they are left with 2 RBs, if JJJ gets hurt the Dolphins are left with Denson, a low round draft choice, that didn't make the Bucs roster and was never activated for a game. Konrad can carry the ball but that's getting desperate.
JJ rushed for 50 yards and he had 2 decent runs. The team finished with only 60 yards (and somehow that is 50% better then the passing offense). I wouldn'e be surprised if JJ makes a personell move if Collins is lost for the season. F

OL Huard was sacked 3 times, there wasn't any running game. There wasn't any running game in the last 2 weeks. I gave him the highest grade possible. F

DL Smith became the first individual to run for 100 yards this season. Miami also sufferd their first rushing TD this season. There weren't any sacks also. They can't win every game, you got to score sometimes in order to win. D-

LB They are part of the defense, they weren't that bad, with a decent offense Miami could have won this game. They looked ordinary, they don't usually look like that. D-

Secondary Moulds had a big catch, but you can't control him all of the time. Flutie didn't have a good game. He was 10 of 20 for 157 yards and 1 TD. The secondary didn't get an INT. D

Special teams They weren't that good. Marion didn't return the ball very good. Hutton was OK (40.1 average). But, I got to give a decent grade, because of Nate Jacquet. He is something. He did have only one punt return that went for 25 yards. Without Jacquet Miami wouldn't have scored all game. In fact, without that return, This was the kind of game that Miami could have played for another 20 years and still they wouldn't have scored. C-

Coaching So much for that "I didn't say there wouldn't be a QB controversy". JJ warned from the "hoopala" after the big win vs the Titans.
Miami kept running when the score was 16-0, really, the objective is to win, When you lose it doesn't matter by how much. Huard could have thrown for 100 INTs, what diffrence does it make ? I thought JJ will take more chances when Miami was down by 16. Maybe he did but the team didn't execute, who knows ?.
This was a very big loss but it's not the end of the world, Miami could drop to a 3 way tie atop the division, a half a game from 4th place... The game next week now becomes a MUST win game. Actually, to win the division they need to beat both New England and Indy at home. It's interesting to see what JJ does with the RB situation following Collins' injury. F

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In 1994, WR Irving Fryar had 1270 yards on 73 catches. He also had 7 TDs.

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